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Booking Policy

​Thank you for considering booking our programs! Please carefully review the following booking policy before making a reservation:

​1. Proceeds Allocation: All proceeds from programs are dedicated to keeping all the required special licenses in optimum standing, providing a proper quality whole animal diet for our raptors, covering veterinary care expenses, and maintaining their enclosures. 

2. Refund Policy: We regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds for program bookings. We rely on the funds generated from these programs to continue the care of our ambassadors. We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.

​3. Attendance Requirement: The individual or organization booking the program must be present during the scheduled event. We do not allow third-party bookings or transfers of reservations. This policy ensures that the program is conducted responsibly and that all necessary information is shared directly with the booking party.

​4. Program Duration: The duration of our programs vary depending on factors such as audience engagement, age group, and other unforeseen circumstances. While we strive to provide a specific timeframe, please note that the program duration is not guaranteed. We aim to deliver a memorable, engaging, and educational experience for all participants, and the length of the program is adjusted accordingly.​

5. Booking Fee: A non-refundable booking fee is required to reserve your program. This non-refundable fee covers administrative & travel costs associated with managing the booking process and securing your preferred date and time. The booking fee is non-refundable and is subtracted from the program price.​ However, if you cancel, the booking fee is forfeit.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of our booking policy. By booking our programs, you are directly contributing to the welfare of our raptors and assisting conservation efforts. If you have any further questions or would like to proceed with a booking, please contact us using the "Book a Program" in the  navigation bar.​

Thank you for your support!

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