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Educational Outreach 

This style of program features 2 raptors. Each ambassador is
presented individually, during which time, you’ll learn about the adaptations that make these birds such efficient hunters, their lives in the wild, and the issues facing their species. Time is allotted for a Q&A. Photos are welcome and encouraged! 
Owl pellets, raptor themed stickers/crafts  are an additional fee, depending on audience size.

*After-Dark Delights (any hours after 4pm)  available at a differential fee.

Ideal for birthday, school, library, summer camp, 4H, etc.

Duration: 30 mins-1 hr estimate

Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet program provides opportunities for one-on-one learning with our raptors with a larger audience, at any event. Guests can spend as much time with the birds but please be mindful of others around you! Questions and photos encouraged.  Pellets, raptor themed merch available for purchase.

*After-Dark Delights (any hours after 4-5pm)  available at a differential fee.

Ideal for weddings, ceremonies, conventions, fairs, festivals, business events, and larger type gatherings.

Duration: 30 mins-4 hrs estimate (depending on event type).

Wildlife Drawing/
Arts & Crafts 

Virtual /Zoom Program

This is perfect for creatives!  Open to all artists and ages-beginner to advanced. Students will have time to hone their observational skills and creativity by sketching, drawing, painting or sculpting raptors in a variety of still and action poses in this unique instructional. Artist, and founder, Jade Chen will be standing by offering raptor facts and any artistic assistance, tips and tricks to drawing a moving subject.

Art/craft supplies are provided for children/youth oriented programs at an additional fee.  

Ideal for art classes, colleges, camps, etc.


Duration: 1-4 hrs estimate

Zoom fatigue is real - spice up your day of digital meetings by inviting a raptor! Surprise employees, co-workers, friends, and family with a new face in the lineup as one of our raptor ambassadors join you for an unforgettable 15-20 minutes! 

*After-Dark Delights (any hours after 4-5pm)  available at a differential fee.

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Jurassic Journals: Tales of Raptors & Adventure

Special Events /Falconry Education Program

(Future program)

Host birds of prey as an unforgettable occasion. Take photos with you and your guests while learning facts about falconry; the ancient bond of hunting with raptors, an art still being practiced today. 

Our animals are positively trained to be around people and designated ambassadors can fly to you or a party member of your choice. 

This is a memorable experience for any celebration!

Gather around, young adventurers! Have us captivate your audience and be swept away by storytime with some very special friends - our feathered friends, the raptors! We have a few books to choose from, but we are always adding more.

Let's journey together and explore the wonders of their world!

Ideal for library, birthday, museum, etc.

Duration: 30 mins-1 hr estimate

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